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At Vantage Point Solutions Group, we believe your website should be both powerful and easy to use. That’s why we build our clients’ websites on WordPress — the world’s leading web platform. For developers like us, it provides a robust set of tools that allows us to build practically anything you can imagine. For business owners like you, it couldn’t be easier to use. You’ll be able to communicate better than ever with your customers!

Whether you want to launch your very first website or you’re ready to take your business’ online presence to a new level, we make the process affordable and painless.

Why WordPress?

Over 60 million websites are built on the WordPress content management platform, including MSNBC TV, Variety Magazine, The Rolling Stones’ website and thousands of other business, education, and celebrity sites.

Of course, as the leading content management system, WordPress is an ideal platform for search engine optimization (SEO). And it is completely modern, built with the latest web standards in mind.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the benefits to using WordPress:

Easy to Use

WordPress websites are easy to update and maintain. You’ll be able to edit text, add photos, and even create new pages yourself. If you’ve used Microsoft Word, you can use WordPress. It’s that simple! But don’t worry … we will train you to use your system first.

Open Source Saves You Money

WordPress is an open-source platform. That means that many of the features you want on your site have already been created, tested, and contributed by WordPress’ huge, active community of developers. This wealth of high-quality modules and extensions minimizes the time and cost it takes to build your site.

Built for You

When we build your website, we design it around your business. You get a great-looking, customized site that differentiates you from your competition. And because your site is custom-built, we can include all the special features you need to compete and succeed.

We can even build custom web applications if no suitable off-the-shelf solution exists.

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