Paulist Evangelization Ministries E-commerce Website


Paulist Evangelization Ministries E-commerce Website

Project Type: E-Commerce Website

Vantage Point Solutions Group recently migrated the existing Paulist Evangelization Ministries e-Commerce store from Magneto to Shopify, a simpler-to-manage e-Commerce platform.

We originally built the e-Commerce website for Paulist Evangelization Ministries back in 2015 on what was then the preferred e-Commerce platform, Magento. At the time, Shopify hadn’t developed into the complete e-Commerce platform that it is today and since the store’s launch, Magento had served Paulist very well. Magento is a powerful, self-hosted e-Commerce platform that requires server and Magento related security maintenance, while Shopify handles all of this and more for a monthly fee.

Migrating from Magento to Shopify is a fairly straightforward process, although it does require developer expertise to carry out. As well as leading a migration from one technical platform to the next, we also modernized the site’s design to provide a sleeker responsive experience. Top-level categories are used to further refine the product offering to each user.